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Shakita Stewart, MS, RMHCI


As the founder of SJS Comprehensive Services LLC, Shakita is on a mission to create  an environment for individuals to enhance their financal and emotional situations. Shakita is a graduate of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Springfield College and comes with 10 plus years of helping those in need. Shakita is also a contributing writer with a digital magazine Queen Rising The Movement.  This platform allows Shakita to help women across the nation and world wide on building their financial queendom.  

What is therapeutic life coaching?

Therapeutic life coaching is a process very similar to therapy but with more of a nontraditional approach.  Therapeutic life coaching allows you to address your issues and needs without attaching the stigma associated with mental health therapy. Sessions can be held in nontraditional environments, making the experience more personal and approachable for you and your family. 

Credit Consultations

Over 63 million Americans have less than a 599 credit score. The average American does not know what their credit score is or how it is calculated.  SJS Comprehensive Services will assist you in understanding how credit is calculated and connect you with a team of professionals to assist you in changing your credit profile.  We are partnered with a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization who will assist you along the way!

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